| The Business |

Mrs. Lina Bina was created in 2021 while the Covid-19 pandemic still had a grip on the U.S. It was a struggle to get this artistic brand off the ground as we dealt with sickness and losses, but we continued to grow regardless of the obstacles. We hope to provide entertainment and escape with our developing stories and cohesive product illustrations. Our stickers, bookmarks, stationery, art prints, and more will be a part of various series of art that will develop into stories in chapters. These stories will subtly dive into the concept of healing through numerous genre themes.

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| The Artist |

At a young age, Talina was captivated by art and storytelling. She grew up in Oklahoma adoring the concepts of the two blending together to create a masterpiece of art imitating life. Talina first found her love of art because her mother, an artist and nurse, helped to inspire her daughter with one of her own detailed works she did while in high school. Her father's constant unweavering support assured her that her dreams didn't have to be just that. Illustration soon became her passion and then her business. After marrying her husband, a U.S. Army Veteran, then moving to New Jersey and having her son she pursued school to obtain her Associate's Degree in Fine Art. During the pandemic, she continued to seek her education in art. Talina bolstered through the challenges to start her small art business, Mrs. Lina Bina. She continued to persevere with her artistic abilities in a way that challenges and inspires her. She specializes in stylized art that creates a story and carries a piece of who she is.