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Series One: Seasons

| A coming of age series |

We grow in each season of our lives.

Seasonal Growth? Let’s define it. Seasonal growth is basically taking major strides to grow through the seasons. Facing adversity, failing, jumping in and out of love, learning about yourself, taking the much-needed time to reflect, and losing a lot of people along the way. So, when it comes to becoming an adult what will it mean for a group of friends entering their seasons expecting an entirely different experience?

Part One | Creativity Grows the Soul |


What happens when you lose your sense of self when trying to define being "grown" in the midst of slowly losing your foundation?

Lust, Love, Loss, Friendship, and Avoidance how will she grow from here...

| Part Two: TBD |

| Part Three: TBD |

| Part Four: TBD |

  • Georgia Woods

  • Simone Cole

  • Francesca "Frankie" Quinn

  • Camille Davis

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