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Bills Fish | Vinyl Sticker |

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+ Handmade Item

+ Length: 3.1 inches     Width: 3.1 inches

+ Materials: Vinyl Sticker 

(Scratch & Weatherproof) 

All stickers are drawn, painted, and digitally created by Mrs. Lina Bina 

+Each sticker comes with an art series card to let you know which series that the product is a part of and a quick description of the item. 



Every sticker is cohesive to every product inside of the series that it's in. 

We all have to deal with Bills as an adult. This sticker is a reminder to take each task one day at a time.  Stay healthy, stay safe. 

This sticker is a Bills Fish and  was inspired by my print Compartmentalize. It's a colorful rendition of the compartmentalized fish that circle Camille as she focuses. The fish are a representation of what we need to do or deal with every single day. They can be used in your journals, water jugs, and so much more as a reminder that you have to  keep the peace within yourself.