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Coffee Mug | Vinyl Sticker |

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+ Handmade Item

+ Length: 2.7 inches     Width: 2.1 inches

+ Materials: Vinyl Sticker 

(Scratch & Weatherproof) 

All stickers are drawn, painted, and digitally created by Mrs. Lina Bina 

+Each sticker comes with an art series card to let you know which series that the product is a part of and a quick description of the item. 



Every sticker is cohesive to every product inside of the series that it's in. 

This is Frankie's coffee mug that she took from her dad's mug collection when she left for college. He had a hard time letting her go, but he knew that she had to. She just needed something from home that would inspire her daily. You have to enjoy the little things even if it's just a cup of coffee in the morning. Take in every moment. 

This small 2.7 by 2.1 inch vinyl sticker is a quick reminder that you need to take it slow and enjoy yourself while you can.