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"Enjoy the Little Things" | Print & Canvas |

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+ Handmade Item


> 8.5 x 11 inches

> 9 x 12 inches

> 11 x 14 inches

> 16 X 24 

> 24 X 36

+ Materials: Heavy Card Stock - 1 Sided Gloss

+ Canvas Print: Premium Wooden Frame 


All prints are drawn, painted, and digitally created by Talina Hollis the artist

+Each product comes with an art series card to let you know which series that the product is a part of and a quick description of the item. 


 "Enjoy the Little Things" is a print that showcases the theme of taking  time and enjoying the moment. You need to be in the moment and enjoy the little things or you'll miss the most important of events. For my original character, Frankie, just a cup of hot coffee is something she can fully enjoy and lose herself in.